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Erie Canal Theatre specializes in audio productions and has been creating original shows on their podcast and for radio since 2015. We’re most well-known for the epic 18-episode sci-fi comedy “Switchboard Infinity”. We’ve made many hours of content, but if you’d like to dive in and hear what we’re about, maybe try episode 14 of “Switchboard”.

Why audio? Because it demands imagination of the listener. Because it is one of the few digital places where attention spans are increasing. Because it’s cheaper to produce than video. Because some of us are visually impaired. Because we love you.

We are improvisors, filmmakers, actors, writers and sound designers based in Detroit, and we strive to combine those disciplines in new ways. For 2017, we’re working to create dozens of original podcast productions as well as performing a smattering of live improv shows.

Erie Canal Theatre Episodes